Why batteries fail …
Batteries loose their capacity due to crystallization of sulfite from the electrolyte. Our regenerators are able to reverse the crystallization process through our own patented pulse technology which revives their capacity.

Our regeneration process…
Batteries will be discharged using our discharges either individually or in the form of the battery banks. All batteries will be recharged and c3 test will be performed. Any low capacity battery will be attempted again for regeneration.



  • All batteries will be screened and tested at your store and selected batteries (mainly based on the physical condition and level of internal resistance of electrodes) will be shipped by us to our facility for regeneration.
  • All batteries received at our facility will be logged for the make, model and capacity and data will be stored in our database for future use.
  • Batteries will be washed and cleaned before going into the regeneration process.
  • Each battery will be individually regenerated by our regenerators.
  • Physical condition of batteries are closely monitored to avoid any physical damage.
  • Regeneration time varies depending upon the capacity of the battery.
  • Out of every 10 regenerated batteries, C10 testing will be perform for one battery.
  • All successfully regenerated batteries will be fully charged, packed and shipped to the store.
  • Data showing the results will be recorded in our system.
  • You can test the batteries before delivery is made by us to your store.