Regenerate – Above 60% success rate for regeneration
3RE Pakistan offers regeneration of end of life batteries, in general after 2 -3 years of use, but physically undamaged batteries, which are generally scrapped as such batteries do not provide adequate back up time.

We regenerate using our patented technology and successful regenerated batteries can be used approximately for a similar life that they have spent earlier in operations.

Reduction in costs – More than 50% reduction in the capex budget for batteries
With extended useful life at very economical incremental expenditure, you will be able to significantly save on one of its major capital expenditure on an annual basis.

With our technology, we can regenerate all brands of batteries, both 2 volt and 12 volt, with capacity of 70Ah and above. Regeneration results varies considering the age and physical condition of the batteries. We do not regenerate physically damaged batteries as our process is automated and no batteries are opened or repaired for regeneration process.

Our success standards – Minimum85% of capacity to achieve regeneration standard
We consider that the maximum capacity required for a successfully regenerated battery to operate is 85%. Battery not achieving this threshold is considered as scrap.

Eco friendly process – We comply with all HSE standards
We do not physically temper with the batteries i.e. we do not open them or add any kind of chemicals in them to achieve the results. We use electronic pulse in our regeneration process.

Our processes are completely safe for the teams working in the regeneration facilities as well as for the environment too.

Our technical regeneration platform
Currently,  we have a state of the art regeneration facility set up in Islamabad. The facility is fully functional regeneration facility conforming to international HSE standards and good engineering practices. Current capacity of regenerating facility is approximately 4,000 batteries per month to be regenerated with a success rate of approximately 60%. Some of the major equipment held in our workshop:

3RE RegeneratorsOur prime equipment is Japanese patentedhigh performance 3RE battery regenerator. Compared to other regenerators in the world, our regenerators have a superior capacity and capabilities. Each regenerator performs the process by feeding two high current pulses to the battery; one for regeneration and second for battery charging.
Unit Dischargers3RE Global patented dischargers are used to perform capacity test of individual batteries.
These are highly reliable and accurate dischargers and give precise measurement of battery’s capacity in Amp Hours.
Bank/Line Dischargers3RE Global’s bank dischargers are used for load test of entire bank of regenerated batteries based on C3 and C10 load defined by battery manufacturers. These tests are performed in accordance with OEM datasheet and give a very accurate measure of batteries’ acquired capacity.


Rectifiers3RE Global patented rectifiers are available for charging of regenerated battery banks. They are used during Charge / Discharge test and provide reliable charging of batteries.

Our expansion plans
We started our operations with a flagship regeneration facility is Islamabad and are planning to expand our services to other major cities i.e. Lahore and Karachi to best serve our customers needs.